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Aspect Communications is a full service marketing agency situated in Novi Sad, Serbia.

We create brand identities, commercials, websites, videos, apps and objects for our clients. We build communities with custom strategies trough all platforms.

Our mission is not just making the clients happy and excited, but also seeing our customers engage with the product and loving the brand.

At the start of each project we take a look at the big picture and get to know our client from all aspects in order to design the concept which becomes a part of their wider strategy.

We explore, contemplate and profoundly enjoy every new opportunity to engage our creative potentials.

Client list

EXIT fest, Antico Sapore, NIS Gazpromnjeft, Naftachem, Corp JVJV, OŠ Miroslav Antić, EPS, Foto Oko, Jedinstvena Sindikalna Organizacija, Grad Novi Sad, AP Vojvodina, Minaqua, Party Traveller, VPŠ strukovnih studija Novi Sad, Dnevnik Vojvodina pres, Vojvodina European Affairs, NSA, Naftachem Petrol, TIMS, Šećer & Soul, Greco JLT International, Stevča Soul Food, Erker Inženjering, Vidikovac kompleks, Hotel Park, Hotel Leopold, AZA, Horus coffe shop, Energosoft, Structura, Vervita, Pony Farma, Aleksandar Gradnja, Koyer Management, Kašikom, Vojvodinaprojekt, Didakta, Aleksandar Group, Fotomaraton NS, Quadra Line, Evropski Razvojni Centar, Oglasne novine, Cifly, NLP Institut Beograd, Bouquet Wine House, Coaching Academy Slavica Squire, Kućerda Balkan Beat Bar, Kašmir River Club, TIM Inženjering sistem, Green Smith

Our team

  • Tihomir LaćaracTihomir Laćarac

    Tihomir Laćarac

    the Driving force

    In a previous life he recorded 3 music albums with bands Muve and Orchestra Concerto. After his first musical escapade, he directed his creativity towards visual media. In 2007 he founded Aspect, the multidisciplinary brand design studio, functioning today as a full service marketing agency. CEO at Aspect Communications

  • Danica LaćaracDanica Laćarac

    Danica Laćarac


    Anarchitect. Enjoys good wit, and we mean really good wit. Always working towards a better day, a better inner person and a better world.

    Strategic Planner at Aspect Communications

  • Ivana PetakovićIvana Petaković

    Ivana Petaković

    The extraordinary viewpoint

    Loves that working with each client represents a doorway to a whole new world. She makes each world come to life and tells the story from the company's core depths. Enjoys snowboarding because it's relaxing and exciting at the same time.

    Content Writer at Aspect Communications

  • Igor JockovićIgor Jocković

    Igor Jocković


    Worked with prominent clients all over the world but finally settled in Serbia because of the best BBQ, of course.

    Senior Graphic Designer at Aspect Communications

  • Mirjana CekićMirjana Cekić

    Mirjana Cekić

  • Vladimir TupanjacVladimir Tupanjac

    Vladimir Tupanjac

  • Srdjan SrdjanovSrdjan Srdjanov

    Srdjan Srdjanov

    A Child

    The clicker (marble player) among photographers expressing his creativity through designing escape room games for clients all over the world.

    Photographer at Aspect Communications

  • Bojan ĐakovićBojan Đaković

    Bojan Đaković

    The Serious one

    Our longest working member (apart from the owner). Makes no promises but always fulfills more than just requirements.

    Web Master at Aspect Communications

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Kralja Aleksandra 4
21000 Novi Sad, Srbija

+381 63 10 60 880